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Switching System

Stored program control has become the principal type of control for all types of new switching systems throughout the world, including toll, private branch, data, and Telex systems. Two types of data are stored in the memories of electronic switching systems. One type is the data associated with the progress of the call, such as the dialed address of the called line. Another type, known as the translation data, contains infrequently changing information, such as the type of service subscribed to by the calling line and the information required for routing calls to called numbers.

These translation data, like the program, are stored in a memory which is easily read but protected to avoid accidental erasure. This information are changeable depend on your need of service. The flexibility of a stored program also aids in the administration and maintenance of the service so that system faults may be located quickly.

Electronic switching system (SSE) is a system that connects between the counter / partners with a Biller or with a payment gateway. Valuetream Indonesia  switching system has been operating properly handle various kinds of payments, from electricity (postpaid and prepaid) payment, payment of telephone, leasing, water payment or prepaid/postpaid voucher. At the end of 2010 our Switching System can handle 8 million transaction fot month. And also runing well with all multi flatform operating system.


Payment Gateway is an e-commerce application that provides for the provision of services / payment authorization rights for e-business and so on. Payment Gateway can encrypt sensitive data, such as credit card information, to ensure that the information passed securely between the customer and publisher and also between publishers and institutions. A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal (such as a website, phone or IVR service) and the Front End Processor or Bank Acquisitions. Just as consumers to order products online.

Value Stream Indonesia Payment Gateway Application of ISO 8583 applied the best technology and ensure the application correctly. Our technology applies the standard of online payment system with the Standard Data Exchange / Messaging using ISO 8583, based on the Open Platform, Reliable 24 hours a day, and the operation of a centralized Web-based Rich Internet Application in the frontend application.

Payment Gateway
Payment Point

Payment point is a place where customers can make payments either electricity bills (postpaid,prepaid adn etc), telephone bills, PDAM bills or make a purchase electronic mobile voucher. Value Stream Indonesia Payment point are one-stop service facility consisting of a variety of payment and purchasing modules.


Information System is a delivery system of accounts for payment of electricity bills, telephone or water bills. VSI also provides a reporting system for each consignment accounts, eg accounts delivery report success, failure or not yet processed.


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Information & Report System